Late Arrival Policy

Late Arrival and/or Not Keeping Your Appointment Policy

Time is one of the most important and valuable part of every person’s life.  This respect for time is why we strive to ensure all clients and patients are seen in a timely manner and to keep you informed if we are running behind due to an unforeseen circumstance.  If we are running behind, please let us know if you are in a time constraint so we can accommodate you via a drop-off appointment so we do not disrupt your schedule.  We value you, therefore, we value your time and do everything in our power to make sure that you are seen at your appointment time, which is the time specifically set aside for you.  However, we can only keep our schedule running smoothly with your help in valuing the time of the entire Elgin Veterinary Hospital Family as well.  We carefully balance multiple types of appointments and surgeries; Therefore, if our clients are running behind or do not keep their appointments, it throws off the entire schedule and interferes with our ability to provide the highest level of care to all of our patients.  We hope that you understand that at the heart of this policy is simple respect of every member of the Elgin Veterinary Hospital Family and the level of care everyone deserves.  It is important to keep in mind that if you were in the shoes of a person who did not get our undivided attention during your scheduled time, that you would be upset and disappointed.

All clients are expected to arrive to 10 to 15 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment time to allow proper check in and to fill out any required documentation such as New Client Forms, Patient Histories (which should be emailed to prior to your appointment), etc.  All of our forms are available on-line on our website at if you would like to fill them out prior to you appointment and either bring them with you or email them to us before your appointment.  We try to provide multiple ways for you to be able to prepare to make things easier for you.  Arriving 10 to 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment allows our medical team to be able to gather all necessary information and dedicate the full scheduled exam time to you and your pet, as well as to run any necessary testing. A grace period of no more than 10 minutes will be granted for unforeseen delays you may encounter while traveling to our hospital. Any client who arrives later than 10 minutes for their appointment will be rescheduled to another date/time unless we are able to accommodate your animal in a different manner, such as a drop-off appointment or curbside service at the sole discretion of Dr. Hoppmann.  If this is something that happens more than once, there will be additional consequences.

Frequent tardiness or not keeping your appointment times will be addressed with each client individually and confidentially. After three late arrivals, clients will not be permitted to schedule further in-person appointments, this will constitute moving to drop-off appointments only.  This will also apply to the first time you do not show up for your scheduled appointment time.  If something comes up, we need to know at least 72 hours in advance so we are able to call the other clients and patients that are on our wait list so that we can provide care that is needed for them as soon as possible.  In addition, after frequent late arrivals or not keeping your appointment times we will require clients to pre-pay for their appointments. While this will be non-refundable if the schedule appointment is not kept (drop-off appointments and surgeries must be at the clinic by 8:45 am at the latest and in person appointments should arrive 10 to 15 minutes prior to the actual appointment time), the balance will be applied to your appointment upon on time arrival.  If late arrivals persist after switching to drop offs, the allowance of further appointments will be subject to the sole discretion and approval of Dr. Hoppmann.

Appointment confirmations are completed every business day we are in the office before the scheduled appointment via phone call.  We do our best to speak with you to confirm the appointment time with you; However, that means that we need to have your correct contact information.  We have you fill out a form to update your information yearly, but if something in your contact information changes before you are given this form to fill out please reach out to us so we are able to change your information in our system so we can reach you.  You can call us with the changes or email us at if that is easier for you.  It is important that all scheduled appointments are confirmed so that we may continue to see and treat as many patients as possible each day.  If you do not hear from us, that may mean that we do not have your current contact information so please feel free to call or email us to let us know that you are coming to your scheduled appointment, regardless of if it is an appointment with Dr. Hoppmann, an appointment with the Elgin Veterinary Hospital Team Member, a drop-off appointment, or a surgery.  Again, if something changes, we need to know at least 72 hours before the scheduled appointment slot so that we are able to call clients on our wait list and have the opportunity to treat another animal needing medical assistance.

By signing below you are indicating that you have read & understand all of the above and understand that there are consequences that help us to continue to provide care for you and your pet, as well as accommodate the needs of other clients and pets in need of care.   

Please bring the signed document to your next appointment or email it to us at