Boarding and Grooming

We offer boarding for dogs, cats, and exotics in a climate controlled environment with a climate controlled indoor play area. All dogs are let out to play at least three times a day. We provide all animals with blankets, so there is no need to bring any with you. We feed Science Diet food to all of our boarders, but if you would like to bring their own food feel free. With boarding our exotics, in order to lessen the change of environment for them, which can cause undue stress, we recommend that you bring their normal cage with you and all the food that it will need while it is here. All the different species that we board (dogs, cats, and exotics) are kept in separate areas so as to keep your pets as happy as possible. Also, we will only board one bird at a time to avoid spreading diseases between different avian breeds. All dogs and cats that are dropped off for boarding, even if it is just a day board, must be up to date on all vaccines (rabies, DHLPP or distemper, and bordetella) and show proof that pet is current on Heartworm prevention in order to keep our facility free of infectious diseases. They all also receive a Capstar when they arrive which kills any fleas that may be on your animal within 30 minutes in order to keep our facility flea free.

We offer grooming in the form of baths, nail trims, ear cleanings, and anal gland expression. Appointments are helpful, but not necessary. However, your pet must be here before 10 am to allow them time to dry properly and must be fully vaccinated. We do not do baths on Saturdays. If you would like us to bath your dog right before he goes home from boarding, just let us know when you drop off and we will be happy to do that for you.