Looking for a notary?  Look no further than Dr. Emily Hoppmann at Elgin Veterinary Hospital. To try to make Elgin Veterinary Hospital even more of a destination to make your life easier, we can notarize any and all of your documents. You do not have to use us as your veterinary hospital or be there for an appointment with a pet  - simply give us a call at 803-408-0383 and so we can make sure to minimize your wait time. You do need to bring the documents that need to be notarized and an official form of photo identification (such as your drivers license or passport) and cash for payment. We are so happy to be able to offer another service to you! We always strive to provide a 5 star experience in everything we do!  Our motto is "Where you will always feel at home" and having this service available at Elgin Veterinary Hospital seems to just add to this feeling.