Payment Policy

Payment Policy For Elgin Veterinary Hospital

Please note, at Elgin Veterinary Hospital payment is always due at the time of service. Dr. Hoppmann and all staff members understand that you want to do what is in the best interest of your pet, but we also understand that we all are working within a budget.  Two things that you can do ahead of time to prepare for these costs is to be sure that you get insurance on your pets when they are young (though you can get it at any time in your pet’s life, but there may be pre-existing conditions that will not be covered) and having a Care Credit Card (which can be used for veterinary bills, as well as on your dental care).

 We never want any surprises in the way of unexpected costs during a visit so we create a treatment plan for your pet at each visit.  We will review this treatment plan with you and ensure that you are aware of all charges ahead of time.  We understand that going over each estimate with signatures that we show that went over the treatment plans at each step can seem like a great deal of paperwork, but it is our best way to ensure that you are able to make decisions at each step and are in control of at each step.   We will always do our best to work within your budget, so please feel free to discuss this openly with us. 

We will always offer the best plan of action for the best and highest quality of care for your pet, but we understand that this plan may exceed your budget.  While anything we recommend, we feel is necessary for the care of your pet but we pass no judgement if we need to prioritize or do things in steps.  We will always do our best to help work through the treatment plans to prioritize what are the most immediate needs to address any medical issues of your pet while staying within your budget.  This is absolutely a no-judgement zone so communicating clearly and honestly with us just aids in us being able to help you and your pet.  We understand that at times the costs associated with these medical decisions can be difficult; however, veterinary businesses such as Elgin Veterinary Hospital are not funded by any outside government agencies or non-profit organizations and we are a small locally owned hospital so we do not have the advantages that bigger hospitals or corporate hospitals have in getting any deals when we order since we cannot order in bulk.

We do everything possible to provide the highest quality medicine at affordable prices.  However, as we all know basic commodities cost more every day.  This is the same in running a business as it is in running a household.  We are people too and all have our own budget, so the increased cost of living affects us both inside and outside of work.  Unfortunately, the cost of everything we buy continues to increase, we do our very best to keep our prices as low as possible while continuing to be able to operate our business.  Collecting payment when services are provided allows us to keep the doors open and continue to provide care to all of our Elgin Veterinary Hospital Family members.  We share this with you so you have a better understanding that we really do understand the rising cost of living and hope that makes you feel more comfortable having open conversations with us about your budget and so we can work together to provide you with a treatment plan at each visit that you are comfortable with.

At Elgin Veterinary Hospital, we accept the following payment methods:

·       All major credit cards

·       Debit cards

·       Cash

·       Care credit

In certain situations, such as boarding or ordering medications specifically for your pet or if you have not been able to keep your appointments in the past, we will require you to pre-pay for services or medications.  This is to ensure that you take our time and services with us seriously so that you understand that when we dedicate time to you, we are not able to offer that time to others.  If you do keep your scheduled appointment, surgery appointment or boarding this payment will be used towards your balance, but if you are not able to give us enough notice (over 48 hours for appointments or at least 14 days for boarding) for appointments, drop-off appointments, surgery appointments, or boarding reservations this is a non-refundable fee.  When we schedule you and your pets for appointments, etc., we dedicate that time specifically for you and your pet and if you do not come to your scheduled appointments it means that we are not able to provide care to other patients that need our help, but are scheduled further out than is best for the patient or are on our waiting list hoping that we can get them in sooner.  Please consider if that person was you – we want to be able to provide timely care for all of our Elgin Veterinary Family members.   

It is important to note that if payment is not received for medications that you have requested to have us refill, etc., a 2% service charge will be applied to your balance consecutively every month a balance goes unpaid. Should your balance remain unpaid for a period of one month, your account will be turned over to a collection agency. 

By signing this it means that you have read and acknowledge our office policy on payment at Elgin Veterinary Hospital.  Please bring the signed document to your next appointment or email it to us at

Please bring the signed document to your next appointment or email it to us at